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When things look very bad, there is always a hope and thanks for those people who never loose a hope, a humankind survives

Picture from footballmatch Estonia vs Latvia. It ended 1-1.

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In 2013 Estonia got all new trains from Switzerland - called Flirt. They started to commute in july. This train actually is first train which went to the line in the beginning of july 2013...and in 11.of august its battery compartment overheated. Rescuers were quickly at the scene and people start wondering is this the beginning of problems?

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Its rare sightseen in Estonia. We are people known as not very positive but hey here is the proof of opposite way. People in concert 10.august 2013 are happy and it shows and feels in this picture.

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10-th of August 2013 in Tõrva (southen part of Estonia) was concert called Spells of Tõrva. Suddenly heavy rain came, but people stayed...

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This is the most common view of Milky Way in the middle of the august, nightsky of Estonia.

Posted by on in Minu Fotolood of August 2013 thunderstorm was moving towards mainland, and this is the night view from Tyrisalu cliff. 

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Australian famous Red Rock Mountain has brother in Estonia. In small village called Rummu is artificial mountain which over the decades has rising from the earth with help of prisoners. This year (2013) Estonian government closed the old prison-camp and the mountain resumes...


19-th of June 2013 I got possibility to fly with hot air balloon. When we landed near small place called Haiba I spotted in the sky somebody was watching over us....Dementor from famous Harry Potter saga are here in Estonia too..

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In 15-th of june 2013 the Patriarh Kirill from Russian Orhodox(eq. The Pope in Christianity)visited Estonia. In this matter the Nunnery in Kuremäe opened its doors to public and we got rare glimps of life inside nunnery. Usually there is forbidden to take pictures and when we are waiting to Patriarh to arrive I spotted group of nuns who forgetting themselves to the smartphone. Maybe they are getting instructions from Gods Twitter?


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I never thought when I was 8 years old and watching popular TV-series of wonder-car Kitt and its host Michael Knight, that it takes some decade of years and I see with my own eyes my childhood hero in my backyard...If somebody told me then that I meet this guy in the future in Estonia I would send them "far away".. But it happends in 2013, in middle of the summer when GumBall3000 visited Estonia. 

David Hasselhoff aka Michael Knight refueled his car in suburbs of Tallinn...and I got this guy in to my camera..:)


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